Interview by Shannon
September 21, 2009

Estrella: You have a new album dropping on September 29th titled Almost Home, what can fans expect from this album versus your past albums?
Josh: There are 2 sides of Evergreen Terrace. The more melodic punk side and the heavy brutal side. There is a lot more of the melodic punk side on this record then there has been on previous records, but at the same time the brutal content blows our past releases away.

Estrella: Where did the album title come from?
Josh: Almost Home is phrase that keeps us from going insane. Problems are always occurring while we are out on the road, in the studio, traveling over seas, etc. It make us realize when going through those problems that in the end we will end up home, the problem will be over, and we will have the story to tell.

Estrella: What is your favorite track off of the album?
Josh: Right now, it is “Sending Signals”. I think the energy is rad, great guitar solo and the chorus always gets stuck in my head. I feel like an idiot walking around singing my own bands song, ha.

Estrella: You’re also about to go out on the Hard Knock Life Tour with Emmure, what do you guys hope to accomplish while out on tour?
Josh: We really just hope to spread the word that we have a new record, play some new songs and get the crowds into it. Maybe find a boyfriend for our merch guy James. He is so damn lonely.

Estrella: What can someone who has never seen Evergreen Terrace expect from your live show?
Josh: Lots of technical problems, ridiculous stage banter and the feeling of watching a punk band.

Estrella: What song is your favorite to play live?
Josh: “No Donnie, These Men Are Nihilist”, it’s our oldest song in the set, but the crowd always gets crazy for it. I like any song where the energy from the crown and band feeds off each other. There are only a couple songs I hate playing.

Estrella: What city/state are you most excited to play while out on tour?
Josh: Anywhere on a coast.

Estrella: Describe your band in three words.
Josh: Weird. Fun. Ridiculous.

Estrella: Sharks or Cats?
Josh: Sharks

Estrella: Those may or may not have been irrelevant, is there anything you’d like to add or say to our readers?
Josh: Sharks are better than cats.