Review by Natalie K.
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If you do not have emotion and true belief to put behind your music than why would anyone else want to listen to your songs, thankfully Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Chris Ayer brings that plus much more in his sophomore album Don’t Go Back to Sleep.

To get a sense of the music Chris Ayer performs, he can easily be lodged into the same type of mainstream success that artists such as John Mayer and Gavin Degraw have endured. Ayer has an amazing voice, and subtle but enlightening guitar skills oh and did I mention a John Lennon Songwriting award. Not to shabby for this twenty-seven year old from Brooklyn, New York.

Opening the album is the track called, well “Opening” which is a light, easy going song that immediately draws in the listener. The entire album has a mixture of sounds, some which flirt with the country music line which includes the track “This is a Test”. With a carefree appeal to it, I noticed that is what all the songs have in common, an easy-going way about them.

“The Revealing” is hands down the stand out song on the album. There is something powerful and raw about it that pulls you in and makes him believable as an artist. The building memento which leads up to the chorus is undeniably enchanting and it entangles smoothly with his voice.

If you have never heard of Chris Ayer he is an artist worth checking out, especially now since he is about to embark on a tour full of intimate venues, which is the best way to experience an artist for the first time.