Review by Angela H.
Record Label : Triple Crown Records

Made with an array of musical goodies, Hit The Lights’ newest EP, Coast to Coast, is sure to satisfy any of your pop-punk cravings.

The EP starts with “Coast to Coast” and “Pulse”—sensible choices because they sound like they belong on their last album, Skip School Start Fights. It gives fans a delicious morsel of their expertise, all the while acting as a sneaky transition into their newer, not-so-familiar material.

After their mini personal tribute to their previous album, “Drive Onto Me” is next. I’m not sure why—maybe it’s the overly repetitive line “drive onto me,” or maybe it’s the straight-to-DVD teen movie essence it portrays—but either way, I’m not a fan.

The fourth track, “Snowbirds and Townies,” though sticking to the band’s melodically distinct genre, is slightly less perky and a tad bit more mature. The last two tracks, “Tell Me Where You Are” and “Make a Run for It/The Call Out” build upon that foundation…drastically. You’re probably thinking, “wait, I know that song “Tell Me Where You Are!” Well, you’re right…and wrong. On Coast to Coast, the band records the track with the acoustic guitar, piano, and a few electronic beats here and there. Even though the two versions hold the same lyrics and the same general melody, the two songs might as well be on completely different spectrums. Completely lacking in the excited pop tone, the acoustic version is beautiful, heartfelt, and somewhat depressing.

Concluding the EP is “Make a Run for it/The Call Out.” Though enjoyable, the track is still just an average acoustic song. It’s cute and acceptable, but there are just no sparkles that give it that special pizzazz.