Review by Angela H.
Record label : Unsigned
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17% power + 83% pop = Mandy K. The Buffalo, NY natives put together their self-titled EP with seemingly zero originality. Sure, it’s upbeat and enjoyable (if you’re a fan of powerpop), but it doesn’t hold a lot of—or any—pizzazz. It’s a generic EP with the over-recycled melodies, lyrics, and vibe that we’ve all heard one too many times.

Starting off with “Plans,” listeners are greeted with electro beats, happy guitar chords, and the stereotypical scene-boy voice. They’re then faced with the same material with minor tweaks in the following track, “Save Your Excuses.” The third track, “Sunflower,” holds a few strums on the acoustic guitar and a semi-resemblance to Never Shout Never! which leaves listeners sitting on an even higher level of cliché-ness that most people probably didn’t even know existed. The last tracks, “Are You From Tennessee? Cause You’re The Only Ten I see,” “Come Back To Bed,” and “While You Were Out,” are, like the rest of the EP, unimpressive and forgettable, even with the cheesy pick-up line title, piano incorporation, and saturated pop-ness.

I just want to make this clear: Mandy K is not a heinous compilation of trash; it won’t make your ears bleed and it won’t break any glass. It’s a suitable EP that can successfully fit under the powerpop music section. It is, however, nothing special. I guarantee you’ve heard it all before. If you’re into that kind of “music,” then give Mandy K a spin—you’ll probably find pleasure in it. If you’re not, then skip it—you won’t be missing out on much.