Review by Natalie K.
Record label : God Within
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Scott Hardkiss went from being a DJ in the San Francisco underground scene, to scoring major films, to starting his own label and then finally releasing a debut album of his own entitled Technicolor Dreamer which is slated to be released in August.

The album starts out with a futuristic vibe in a short twenty second intro that states what you will be endearing for the duration of the album, stepping into a technicolor dream with the album Technicolor Dreamer.

The album is full of diversity, which is not something I state too often in album reviews. You have tracks such as “Beat Freak” which is just that, a track full of explosive beats that could be spinning at any club leaving the dance floor packed. The very next track “The Underwater Ball” slows it down a bit with screwed vocal tracking that tells a story, yet the beat makes me envision people having a dance off to it. Bong noises, drug innuendos and underlying sexual messages is what this track is all about, and what makes it one of my favorites.

With every album there are some downfalls, and the repetitiveness in the chorus of “Hey Deejay” was a little too much for me to handle and I had to hit the next button. Thankfully that was the only song I had to forward through on the entire album.

The album is brought to a nice close with the song “You & I”, which has a building tempo at the beginning and doesn’t burst into lyrics until 2 minutes deep.. By far this is one of the best songs on the album and I am always pleased when an album leaves me with a song that I want to hear again. The piano blends nicely with the track which builds and breaks at all the right moments.

Technicolor Dreamer has soul, funk, passion, and beats that would make anyone want to start dancing, or at least bop around too. This debut effort from Scott Hardkiss is definitely one to look into.