Review by Alli W.
Record label : Destiny Records
(photo courtesy of Destiny Records)

shyforshysointimeIt’s extremely rare for a band to be signed to a record label, put out a very successful full length album, and to generate a fan base across the country all within a year of coming together as a full band. While most bands start coming together and hanging out during their puberty stricken days, the members of ShyForShy didn’t come together until the end of their high school days. Drummer, Matt Ellis did not join forces with lead guitarist Caleb Connaway until the day of their high school graduation. Both boys previously had separate musical endeavors, but combined their musical taste and abilities to start up weekly jam sessions. What was originally a two-piece jam band in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, eventually evolved into ShyforShy in early 2008. With the addition of vocalist, Ryan Martinez and bassist Sten Johansen, the band had finally come together after several member changes. Ready to play for hundreds of show-goers and to get their music out into the growing scene, the members worked very hard to music spread the fan base all the way from Seattle, Washington to the east coast. In over a span of a year, they have toured extensively along the west coast and shared the stage with acts such as The Cab, A Rocket to The Moon, Danger Radio, Valencia, and Every Avenue.

After listening to the appropriately titled album, So In Time, there is no question that ShyForShy knows how to generate unique sounds, catchy melodies, and noteworthy lyrics that completely sync “in time” with each other. “The Question”, “Decisions, Decisions”, and “Olivia” are my three favorite tracks, and each of them sound distinctly different from the other. On the first listen of “Olivia”, I immediately thought of New American Classic by Taking Back Sunday. I would definitely recommend fans of Circa Survive, The Almost and Taking Back Sunday, to listen to ShyForShy. After having achieved so much, in so little time, it seems that ShyForShy will not be shying away from making music anytime soon.