Review by Natalie K.
Record label : Sparks Music/Tommy Boy
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The album Fantasy of the Lot is Canadian based band The Lovely Feathers sophomore effort and if you have not heard of them yet, you soon will because with an album this stellar they are sure to blow up.

This is the follow up to the 2006 indie hit Hind Hind Legs which almost seemed to be the first and only full length album by The Lovely Feathers. The band took the status of “indefinite hiatus” due to various reasons including falling in love with a model, traveling abroad, and school, you know the usual. Thankfully drummer Ted Suss, bass player Mark Shortt, vocalist and guitarist Mark Kupfert, vocalist and guitarist Richard Yanofsky and keyboard player David Buzaglo pulled back together to create eleven new tracks for Fantasy of the Lot.

The album comes out strong with “Lowiza” a calm yet powerful song about a loving relationship that has lost its luster in the bedroom. Presumably this is going to be the first single, for a video has already been made for this track. One thing that The Lovely Feathers does quite well is move from one song to the next. They flow together cohesively yet never sounding alike. Each track has a unique twist without sounding too different or out of place on the album.

The tempo is picked up in such tracks as “Ossified Homes” and “Agrotaker” and slowed down for others such as “Fantasy of the Lot”. The album has a nice balance of tempo’s and beats making it enjoyable to listen to from start to finish.

The Lovely Feathers sophomore album Fantasy of the Lot seems to find energy in the calm. With powerful lyrics and music to back it up, these boys might just break from indie success to mainstream with this album.