Review by Alli W.
Record label : Doghouse Records
(photo courtesy of Doghouse Records)

weatherbox-cosmic-dramaStarting out as a full band in late 2005, Weatherbox has gone through quite a few changes on this musical mission. As of recent, singer and songwriter Brian Warren will carry on alone for the most part, but with the occasional band behind him made of temporary fillers and some reliable friends. Given the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and the rights and lefts this band had to deal with, from members leaving, personal lives suffering, and problems with the label and recording studio, Weatherbox has given birth to a beautiful baby, appropriately named, The Cosmic Drama.

Of the thirteen tracks on the album that drops in late September, my top three favorites are “Two Satchels of Light”, “Don’t Say Nice Things”, and finally, what I feel is going to be the single, “I Haven’t Kissed a Guy in Lightyears”. This album is very innovative and inspiring. You know how if you watch a movie over and over you start to pick out the things you didn’t notice before? After listening to The Cosmic Drama numerous times, I’ve found that each time I find something new I like. For those who have yet to discover the musical stylings of Weatherbox – if you are a fan of Say Anything, Manchester Orchestra, Mansions, The Dear Hunter, or Brand New, you might want to give a listen to this album, as well as the first album, American Art. The new album, The Cosmic Drama has that special spark I think most artists strive to achieve. It’s an “every mood” kind of album. There is a song that relates to almost all situations and all conversations.