YOU are making WOLFTRON’s new video!

What?? Crazy! Here’s how it will go down:

1.) Setup a webcam or video camera and grab your instrument or tool of choice (friends welcome).

2.) Perform “Blueberry Waves” for the camera. You can play any instrument you want, or no instrument at all! Here are some instrument suggestions: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Keytar, Sitar, Skin Flute, Hamburger Horn, Washtub Bass, Kazoo, Church Organ, Church Choir, etc.

Please remember: You can do ANYTHING for your video content, such as: lip-syncing, painting, running, dancing, back-flipping, Pog -trading, animation, etc.! Be insirped and be creative.

3.) Send us the video file to using one of the following sites: Senduit, Yousendit, Sendspace. We prefer the following file formats: mov, mp4, avi.

4.) If chosen, we use part of your clip in the final video for “Blueberry Waves”!


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