Saddle Creek has announced the signing of Lawrence, KS-based Old Canes and will release the band’s sophomore album, Feral Harmonic, on October 20, 2009.

Old Canes architect Chris Crisci (also known as half of Appleseed Cast) constructed Feral Harmonic largely alone in his basement studio. He played the majority of the instrumentation himself with additional help from a cast of musician friends contributing various parts, including trumpet, harmophone, cello, and hammer dulcimer, among other instruments. As recording was regularly interrupted by touring, work, other projects, and life in general, production on the album took nearly three and a half years to complete.

Full track listing for Feral Harmonic
01. Intro
02. Little Bird Courage
03. The Last Collapse
04. Trust
05. Next Flood
06. Sweet
07. Under
08. I Will Be The Sun
09. Stuck
10. Flower Faces
11. Black Hill Chapel
12. Southern Radio

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