As the undeniable cultural momentum of this age finds reminiscence rock bands from Blur and My Bloody Valentine to Creed and Third Eye Blind reuniting for triumphant and remunerative victory lap tours, Seattle’s Harvey Danger is doing what it does best: the exact opposite of what logic and ambition demand.
From an announcement on the band’s website:

After 15 years, three albums, hundreds of shows, and far more twists and turns than we ever imagined possible, we’ve decided to put Harvey Danger to rest. The decision is totally mutual and utterly amicable. Everyone is very proud of the work we’ve done together, but we’ve also come to feel that our collaboration has–in a very positive way–run its course. We’re all eager to try our hands at other projects, musical and otherwise. Of course, putting an end to something we’ve been working on since our early 20s can’t help being accompanied by a soupçon of melancholy. Nonetheless, as the Chambers Brothers remind us, time has come today. Rock bands have life spans, and Harvey Danger’s has been longer and more eventful than even we would have predicted.

Everyone in Harvey Danger is very excited to have a last chance to play together in public, and to bring the band’s energetic and assured live show to the cities that have felt the most like homes away from home for the band over the years. They hope you can make it.

08.07.09 – Boston, MA @ Harper’s Ferry
08.08.09 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House
08.15.09 – Chicago, IL @ Schuba’s
08.22.09 – Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
08.28.09 – Seattle, WA @ Vera Project
08.29.09 – Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile

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