Friction Records is pleased to announce that the newest release from Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Victor! Fix The Sun is out today. Person Place Or Thing is the follow-up to the band’s well-received debut, Retractable Claws. The album is available as an LP with a free digital download code. Friction has pressed 500 copies of the 12″ (250 / amber, 250 / maroon).

To grab a copy, go here.

Honing their skills to a sharp razor’s edge, Victor! Fix The Sun has set out to up the ante. The band balances harshness and noise with ever-so-slight shades of melody. With careful attention to detail and the subtle dynamicss, Person Place Or Thing is a striking deviation from the noise rock norm. You can call it hard-nosed math rock or angular post-rock but either way, the band is throwing out huge riffs that echo magnificently over the its powerful vocal assault. Consider yourself confronted.

Listen to My Friend The Guru (free mp3).

Last but not least the band will be playing an LP release show tonight in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Intersection Front Room. Native, Grown Ups and Bars Of Gold, which feature ex-members of Bear Vs. Shark, are slated to join in on the musical celebration

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