Sleep Bellum Sonno have returned with a new line-up and an incredible sophomore record that pushes the band into exciting new directions. Judge Us By How We Lived Our Lives Not By How We Made Our Living is available now on 12″ vinyl (500 black). The LP package includes a CD version of the album as well.

Judge Us By How We Lived Our Lives… is an unforgiving piece that props up the dying art form that is the album. While other bands are busy writing songs, Sleep Bellum Sonno have composed an ambitious, conceptual record that not only stretches the limits of the artist, but of the listener as well.

Recorded live, the album tells the tale of twelve characters who all intertwine into one larger story of a husband / father leaving his wife and two sons behind. To say that Judge Us… is a challenging listen might be an understatement. But for those willing to indulge themselves, the riches buried within are plenty. Art imitates life and life is unforgiving. Still, no matter what choices are made there is always hope for redemption.

Check out a track for free: “A House Of Spades Stands No Chance Against The Wind (Gambler)”

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