New Man Overboard Digital EP “Noise From Upstairs” available now!

Man Overboard’s new acoustic EP, Noise From Upstairs is now available digitally on from Run For Cover Records.

Record will be available on iTunes come April 1st. (Those who order from bandcamp have the option to pay an extra dollar and have the lyrics mailed to them in a letter from the band.)

In other Man Overboard news – April 16-26 they will be on the road for an acoustic tour with Balance & Composure and A Loss For Words. The bands debut full length will also be available through Run For Cover Records (and various other labels world-wide) come June 2010. A demo track and first track from Noise From Upstairs from the LP can be heard on the new Run For Cover Records sampler at

Man Overboard "Noise From Upstairs" EP

1. Cry Baby
2. Dylan’s Song
3. 210B
4. I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled
5. Dear You

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