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Our interviewer Natalie Kuchik recently had the chance to catch up with The Young Veins on their first tour. Her interview was recently posted to her page and she wanted to acknowledge the backlash fans are giving… to read the entire interview, word for word, you can see it here on Estrella. A personal note from Natalie…

“You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

The response to the article I wrote on The Young Veins has been overwhelming to say the least, a lot of positive, some negative, and for some reason people have also expressed anger?! I do have the pleasure of seeing exactly where my webpage hits originate from and looking through some tonight, I feel the need to address those that are angry because it still bewilders me. We know that in interviews, questions are asked (by me) and then questions are answered (by band members). When doing my research beforehand (to be honest I knew little to nothing about Panic! At The Disco before the interview) I ran across people wanting concrete proof about certain things that were or were not said to fans when they asked the boys themselves. That is what I did. I asked the boys questions, and they told me answers. Not once did Ryan/Andy/Nick start ranting or talking bad about Panic! and it’s members. I am still very unclear as to where people are seeing that and getting so upset.”

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