3OH!3 “Streets of Gold” Tracklist

01. Beaumont
02. I Can Do Anything
03. My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) Buy it Now on iTunes
04. Déjà Vu
05. We Are Young
06. Touchin On My
07. House Party
08. R.I.P.
09. I Know How To Say
10. Double Vision
11. I’m Not The One
12. Streets Of Gold
13. See You Go
14. Love 2012

3OH!3’s upcoming album Streets of Gold will be available June 29th, but you can pick up any of the pre-order packages NOW at 3oh3music.com/preorder and get an instant download of the “My First Kiss” (feat. Ke$ha) single.


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2 responses to “3OH!3 “Streets of Gold” Tracklist

  1. zack21yj

    They should have put “Follow Me Down (feat. Neon Hitch)” in that album

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