Interview by Alexa & Sara
September 25, 2005

Estrella: Can you please state your name and what you do in the band?
Torry: I’m Torry, I play guitar and I sing.
Jon: Jon, I play drums.
Johnny: I’m Johnny and I play the bass.

Estrella: How has tour been going so far?
Torry: It’s been good.
Johnny: It’s been fun, all the bands are really cool.

Estrella: Did Spitalfield drop off?
Torry: Just today’s date.
Johnny: This day was way out of their way.
Torry: They were in Pittsburgh last night and they only had a seven hour drive to get home to Chicago.
Jon: It would have been like a twelve hour drive from here.

Estrella: Who are some of your influences?
Johnny: Like music wise, like what we listen to or who we look up to?
Estrella: Like who are your influences as to why you wanted to have a band.
Johnny: I don’t know, like when me and Torry started the band we were listening to a lot of MxPx, Green Day, and Blink 182 is what we started off of.
Torry: As far as our music goes I really enjoy listening to like Story of the Year, they’re one of the bands that we wanted to sound like kind of. Along with like the Used and stuff like that.

Estrella: Who are you currently listening to?
Jon: I’m listening to Norah Jones right now.
Torry: I listened to Straylight Run yesterday.
Estrella: The new stuff?
Torry: What?
Estrella: They have like a new six song EP coming out.
Torry: I listened to new Jack’s Mannequin today.
Johnny: Lorene Drive. Lorene’s Drive new album is amazing.
Estrella: Anything else?
Johnny: Third Eye Blind are my favorite band.
Torry: Yeah, they’re sick.

Estrella: What would you be doing if you weren’t in A Change of Pace?
Johnny: Torry would be a pool boy.
Torry: I’d be a pool boy.
Johnny: I’d be mowing lawns and landscaping.
Jon: I’ll be nothing actually. We’d all be fucking bums.
Johnny: I can’t go to school, we’ve never had jobs before. He worked at Savers one time.
Jon: I worked at a Savers and a Cracker Barrel.
Estrella: What’s Savers?
Johnny: Like a Goodwill.
Jon: Torry’s never had a job in his entire life.

Estrella: How old are all of you?
Johnny: We all actually just turned 19, but Adam’s 17.
Estrella: Everyone’s young.

Estrella: How has Myspace effected you and it has effected you because I’ve known who you were through Myspace.
Torry: Fuck yeah.
Johnny: Myspace changed our whole band, I think. The reason why we’re here, we’re so young and we couldn’t tour and shit yet because we were trying to finish high school and Adam was like a freshman in highschool, all we could do was sit around on Myspace. We were Myspace whores for like six months probably. Now we have like 40,000 something friends on Myspace.
Torry: I use Myspace everyday.
Jon: Johnny is a current user of his own Myspace.
Torry: I am, Johnny also.
Johnny: He admitted it on stage last night that he had a Myspace.
Torry: What are you going to do about it, man.
Jon: You guys have your own Myspaces?
Estrella: Yeah.
Jon: Shoot.
Estrella: It’s addictive.
Jon: I’m the only one left. I’m holding strong. I’m not caving.
Johnny: Myspace is definitely the reason why are band is the way it is.
Estrella: Yeah, it’s huge.
Torry: We have our little front page ad.
Estrella: There’s only a few bands you can call Myspace bands like you, National Product, and Aiden. Then Aiden got signed to Victory.

Estrella: How’d you get signed to Immortal Records?
Johnny: Our manager found us through MP3.com like two years ago or about two and a half years ago. He shopped us around to labels and Immortal came out to watch us play.
Estrella: Along with Scary Kids.
Torry: Yeah, Scary Kids are our good friends.
Jon: They got signed after us.
Johnny: They actually got found because they were asking us like what other bands are great and we’re like, “There’s another good band from Phoenix, you should check them out” and then they picked them up.

Estrella: Craziest fan story, I’m sure you have one.
Johnny: Our merch guy actually, he slept with this girl on tour.
Torry: Not this tour, last tour.
Johnny: Yeah, you’re right, last tour. Our merch guy slept with a girl that had a fiance, that was in Iraq fighting a war…
Torry: Don’t say it. It’s horrible. He did some horrible things.
Johnny: Okay nevermind, he’s a bad person but the rest of the band is great, we’re great people, but he’s horrible.
Jon: That’s not the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.
Torry: That’s pretty bad.

Estrella: Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn.
Torry: I was a ninja turtle.
Johnny: I was a crayon. Our merch guy was holy shit, like he was a big giant terd with a halo.
Torry: I was a ninja turtle when I was a little kid, I was a Raphael. Johnny was an orderly, which was pretty pathetic.
Johnny: No, that’s when I was like sixteen.
Torry: We should go this year as the…
Johnny: Channel 4 News Team.
Torry: Or we should be like Machomen, YMCA guys, I’ll be the Indian.
Estrella: You could be the Spice Girls.
Johnny: That would be great.
Torry: Nah dude, we’re going to go as the Channel 4 News Team this time. Jon’s going to be Ron Burgundy.
Estrella: So that’s all Anchorman? I’ve never seen it.
Jon: Turn it off!
Johnny: This interview’s over!

Estrella: Hey, last question, any last comments or closing statements, or if you want to plug a band that no one listens to.
Torry: I would like you guys to check out our good friends, It’s Like Love.
Johnny: Yeah.
Torry: Yeah, because they’re really cool.
Estrella: They’re on that Downtown Singapore tour.
Jon: Punk the Clock Tour.
Johnny: Add our merch guy on Myspace, he’s trying to take over Myspace, www.myspace.com/askyourmom. You guys ever heard of David Marsh?
Jon: He’s trying to takeover.

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