Interview by Alexa & Mandy
September 28, 2006

Estrella: Can you please state your name and what you do in the band?
Robert: I’m Robert, I play drums.

Estrella: How has touring been on the East Coast?
Robert: It’s been good. It’s actually funny, last time we came to Baltimore is was raining at Fletcher’s, but it was fun. (Also raining that evening.)

Estrella: Could you tell me who some of your influences are as a band?
Robert: Well our CD says Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. I guess that’s our influences.
Estrella: Alright, well who are you’re personal influences?
Robert: It depends, I like a lot of music. I really like this band called Desoto from Florida, that’s kind of it.

Estrella: How did all of you guys meet?
Robert: Actually our old guitar player quit the band. He was in another band and he introduced me to Brett Johnson and I’ve been playing with brett for like the last three years and I used to play in a band with Jason and then I asked Jason to come into the band. Then Will, I played in a cover band with Will for one show and then the next day, we was in our band and I didn’t know.

Estrella: What was the recording process behind your CD like?
Robert: It was a bad one, it wasn’t a bad one, it was kind of rushed but then our CD came out 4 months later, it was a good experience. We got into a good studio to record it.
Estrella: Where did you record it?
Robert: Power Plant Studios in Burbank, CA with our producer Ryan Baker

Estrella: Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn.
Robert: Probably a sheet with cut out eyes.

Estrella: If you could be any cartoon character, past or present who would you be and why?
Will Mickey Mouse because he has a big dick. Brett would be a Pink Panther because he’s slick.

Estrella: Three things that our vital to your existence on a desert island?
Will My hand, my dick, and my pussy. Triple threat!
Robert: What would you take, Brett?
Brett: I would take girls, a lifetime supply of food, and a guitar.
Robert: I don’t know.
Estrella: You don’t know?! If you were going to die on this island, you don’t know what you’re going to take out there?
Robert: I would take a knife, a lighter, and a gun.

Estrella: Any bands you’d like to plug?
Robert: Desoto. I Am Ghost, they’re a good band. Red Lipstick Letter. Rick James.
Will Saosin.
Brett: As Cities Burn.
Will Celine Dion.
Brett: Michael Jackson.

Estrella: Any closing statements.
Will I fucking rock.
[Will farts for recorder.]
Robert: Come to our shows next time we’re in Baltimore.

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