Interview by Alexa
July 20, 2010

Estrella: Can you please state your name and what you do in the band?
Ross: I’m Ross and I’m the vocalist from Confide.
Jeff: I’m Jeff and I’m the guitarist.

Estrella: This is your first time on the full Warped Tour as opposed to the half tour you did in 2008. How has that been?
Ross: Awesome.
Jeff: It’s been great, it’s really hot.
Ross: It’s a sacrifice you have to make.
Jeff: Any tour you do in the summer is going to be very hot.

Estrella: Did you pick up any favorite cities on the Warped Tour this year?
Ross: Today was awesome.
Jeff: Today was one of my favorite shows on the tour.
Ross: It’s been a really, really good day. Today was awesome. Montreal was awesome. All of California’s really good.
Jeff: Phoenix is really good.
Ross: Everywhere’s been relatively awesome, we’re stoked on that.

Estrella: What’s the sketchiest town you’ve ever played in?
Ross: Detroit’s pretty sketchy.
Jeff: Yeah, Detroit’s pretty bad. St. Louis too.

Estrella: Any crazy stories from them?
Ross: There’s always bums outside any venue you play in Detroit that will watch your back if you give them a few bucks.
Jeff: There’s a bum in Detroit called Papa Smurf and he just hangs out, outside the venue and just watches over all the bands vans and at the end of the night he just asks for a couple dollars. He’s so funny though.
Ross: Yeah, he’s an awesome dude.

Estrella: How have the fans been on this Warped Tour because before, you were unable to hit all cities, but now you can. How’ve they been?
Ross: There’s been a lot of places that have really surprised us like for instance, again today.
Jeff: We have only played Baltimore literally once…
Estrella: Was that the show with A Static Lullaby (also Attack Attack and Maylene & The Sons of Disaster)?
Jeff: Yep.
Ross: That was it. Like he was saying, we’ve only played here once so we weren’t expecting anything huge today and our crowd today was one of the biggest it’s been on the whole tour.

Estrella: What’re your upcoming plans for the band after this tour?
Ross: We do a US tour with a band called We Came As Romans, then Japan with Pierce the Veil, and when we get back we got another US tour with Miss May I.
Estrella: Very busy.

Estrella: Do you have any advice for a fan who’s coming to Warped Tour for the first time?
Jeff: Bring sunscreen, wear shorts and a tank top.
Ross: Or buy a tank top from the Confide tent.
Jeff: That’s true, we’ve got lots of tanks.
Ross: And try to bring water because the price of water in Warped Tour is $5 a bottle, so try to bring some before you could come.

Estrella: What’s your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
Ross: Nothing, nakedness, that scared a lot of people.
Jeff: Uh…
Ross: You can’t beat that one, can ya?
Jeff: I can’t really compete with that.
Ross: Jeff did dress up as a hot dog one year.
Jeff: Yeah, one year I was a hot dog, then one year I was a bag of chips, that was pretty awesome.
Ross: Always with the food.
Jeff: Jeff: Yep, you can’t go wrong with the food, everyone loves food. I was a Backstreet Boy one year with a group of my friends. I don’t even remember who I was… I was Brian.

Estrella: 3 things that can be found in your fridge?
Ross: Milk.
Jeff: Hot pockets!
Ross: That’s in your freezer…
Jeff: Oh yeah. Freeze pops…
Ross: That’s also freezer! Milk always, for the cookies and milk and cereal.
Jeff: Salsa.
Ross: Milk, salsa, and aloe…
Jeff: Aloe Vera.
Ross: Yeah, we put that in the fridge to put on our skin.

Estrella: Are there any bands on Warped Tour that you’re really into right now?
Ross: We’ve never seen Parkway Drive before. We’ve heard of them but we’ve never seen them live and I’m literally blown away every time I watch them. They’re a band I really love to watch now. There’s a band I haven’t seen live before but they’re coming on the tour in a few weeks called Deas Vail. They’re so good.
Jeff: I’m excited for Our Last Night.
Ross: Yeah, we’ve never seen them before! There’s a lot of bands that we’ve never seen live before that we get to watch now and it’s awesome

Estrella: Do you have any closing statements?
Ross: Come to the Confide merch booth and hang out with us on Warped Tour and if you’re not coming to Warped Tour, check us out online at
Jeff: Check out our new CD, Recover.
Ross: Yeah and do that too!

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