Interview by Alexa
July 20, 2010

Estrella: Can you please state your name and what you do in the band?
Caleb: I’m Caleb and I play drums.
Alexia: I’m Alexia and I play guitar and sing.
Greg: I’m Greg and I play guitar.

Estrella: This is your first year on the full Warped Tour, how’s it been treating you?
Caleb: It’s been great.
Alexia: Really good.
Greg: Yeah, it’s great.
Alexia: We actually did Warped tour, two years before, but we only did it for about two weeks each.
Greg: Yeah, we’re hitting a lot of cities that we haven’t hit on Warped before which is great.
Estrella: How’s the crowd reaction been in the new cities?
Alexia: It’s been really good.
Greg: It’s been working out. We’ve been scared, thinking some days are gonna suck, but they’re good.
Caleb: Yeah, for some reason, we’ll play these cities on a regular tour and it won’t be that good, but then we’ll play on Warped Tour and it’s ridiculous.

Estrella: Favorite cities to play in?
Greg: So far on this tour, our biggest crowd was Dallas, it was like a sea of people.
Caleb: I really like Dallas, in general. All the shows we ever play in Dallas are really good.

Estrella: What’s the sketchiest city you’ve ever played in?
Greg: Connecticut.
Caleb: Hartford.
Alexia: Yeah, he’s got a story (referencing Greg.)
Greg: It’s a long story but basically I met this guy on the street because I was trying to look for a liquor store and I assumed he wasn’t a bad person or anything like that, so he said “follow me” and we walk down the street, he did a crack deal with someone as I’m standing right next to him and when I came back, where I met the dude, there was a kid on the ground stabbed.
Caleb: Yeah, this was all right in front of the venue too.
Alexia: Within about 30 minutes.
Greg: And that place Harpo’s in Detroit.
Caleb: Yeah, definitely. The cops tell you to not even stop at stop signs and just roll through because people will rob you at gun point at your car window.

Estrella: Your recent album came out on June 8th, what was your recording process like and who did you record with?
Alexia: We recorded with Andrew Wade, we worked with him because we heard about a bunch of bands working with him that we really like and we feel like we share the same kind of scene. We went into preproduction for a couple weeks, which was really cool because we never have enough time, so this is the first album we actually got to share the same vision with our producer. There’s been times where we’ve worked with pop-rock producers and they have no idea about us.
Greg: Or actually rap rock.
Alexia: Yeah, rap rock.
Estrella: So, they don’t know how to take it?
Alexia: Yeah, they just never really shared the same vision for our band.

Estrella: Who are some of your influences for your music?
Alexia: For a lot of us it’s Thrice and we all started playing music, I think because of Blink 182, well actually a lot of bands do.
Caleb: Thrice and AFI. AFI was a big one for me. The Fall of Troy, I used to listen to them a lot, trying to copy all of their guitar riffs. A lot of jammy/metal bands like As I Lay Dying and stuff.

Estrella: What’s some music you’re currently listening to?
Caleb: Closure In Moscow has pretty much played in our CD player a lot.
Alexia: They play on the same stage as us. Cisko just bought the new Norma Jean and that’s really good.
Caleb: Actually, we just got the new Fall of Troy from this radio station and that was interesting, they were jamming out like crazy on that CD. Shredding.

Estrella: What’s the best advice you could give for a fan coming to Warped Tour for the first time?
Caleb: Water.
Alexia: Sunscreen, water, and…
Greg: Lots of money for merch. Because you’re going to want everyone’s t-shirts. Big competition, everyone’s got cooler t-shirts.
Caleb: Cool tank. But that one’s even cooler and that one’s even cooler.

Estrella: And what’s your advice for bands that are coming onto Warped Tour for the first time for a full tour?
Greg: Get ready for some long, hot days.
Caleb: If you’re in a bus, you’re lucky.

Estrella: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
Greg: I was a kitty cat, two years ago.
Caleb: I was a red M&M in like 5th grade. I had rubber gloves and a big red M and weird red shoes.
Alexia: I don’t remember. I think the last thing I remember was being Dracula, when I was 8. I don’t know why I can’t remember anything.

Estrella: What are 3 items that can always be found in your fridge?
Greg: We always have sour cream.
Caleb: Cheese.
Alexia: Tomatoes, tomatoes are my favorite.

Estrella: Any closing statements?
Alexia: Buy our CD, please.
Caleb: Come see us on Warped Tour and buy our new CD.
Greg: Come watch us on Warped Tour because we’ll have fun with you.

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