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Beginning today and continuing for the next two weeks, New Jersey independent punk label, Black Numbers, will partner with Bandcamp.com to offer its entire catalog as a donation-based digital download. All albums are available in several bitrates and formats, including mp3, AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and Apple Lossless.

To start downloading – and ideally, donating – go here. If you chose not to donate (and why should you? I mean, it’s not like the label and bands dumped a ton of cash into recording, manufacturing, advertising, touring and promotion, right?) then all Black Numbers needs is your email address and you can continue to live your fancy pants, free-music-having lifestyle.

Featuring Al’s Moustache, the newest 7-inch from Higher Giant (members of Token Entry, Grey Area,
Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, WARZONE), Black Numbers’ discography also includes releases from Static Radio NJ, Rock, Star and Purpose.

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